Campaign Guide

Character Creation

Your characters will begin at lvl 3, onboard a prison ship for some kind of crime varying from murder to theft, or even being a prisoner of war from another nation. You can be an old prisoner that has already been to the Gladiator pits where you can earn your freedom after 100 wins or relatively new.

You can find the rules for creation on this website. The page the website should open to is the getting started page if you scroll down to the Ability score section you will locate the cost table and the point table. We will be playing Epic Fantasy, so you will have 25 pts to start off with.

But first you need to figure out what class to play. The playable classes within my campaign are;
Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard, Witch,Summoner, Alchemist, Magus, Gunslinger, Ninja, Samurai. You may also look at the class archetypes and sub in those templates. Please talk to me about your mount/companion if you consider a class that has one.

Within my world science and the arcane has become more prominent and divine worship is very little. So the only Divine class that will be used from this official site will be the Cleric.
I will be also bringing a new class from a third party source and that is the Priest this is due to the religious orders being secluded. With the Priest class we will be dropping the Lore & Knowledge Domain, giving the Priest Lay on Hands at level 2. This ability functions exactly as the Paladin ability of the same name, with the following changes:

(-) It heals 1d4 per 2 Priest levels (instead of 1d6).
(-) It cannot be used to deal damage to undead creatures.
(+) It has a range of 5ft. per 2 Priest levels (no touch necessary).

For those of you wishing to choose a divine character these are the deities that still have a presence on the world. Good- Pelor (The remnants of the last Order), Melora (tribes of the wilderness), Moradin (dwarven nation), Raven Queen (all who fear death and pray for safe passage), Bahamut (secret society who managed to survive the corruption)
All the evil Gods still exist in full, due to the demonic cults growing stronger in silence as the temples of the gods became abandoned. Asmodeus, Bane, Gruumsh, Lolth, Tharizdun, Tiamat, Torog, Vecna and Zehir. With the Evil Gods pls talk to me about this as it may lead to problems.
As you may notice these are 4e Gods. Here’s a page for their respective Pathfinder domains

After choosing your class you should then choose your race which can be found here, templates for the races are found here. If you wish to play a race that isn’t on the list again pls contact me and we can arrange something.
Then you can allocate your abilities, and the rest of the sheet should fill out from there with referring to your class abilities at lvl 3. For Equipment you will only start of with a peasant’s outfit (2 lb.) and the respective weapon for your class.

It will be appreciated if the party varies in race and class, though I do not care if you have doubles or triple for it is not my loss. Plus we’re here to have fun! :)

Finally I will give each of you a character trait that refers to the campaign. I will have a list of these up soon.

Campaign Guide

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