Eons ago the world bowed down to the mighty dragons, who had a great empire that spanned the globe. After a millennia or two not all the races agreed to being lorded over by the dragons, so an alliance was made. The Alliance of Kingdoms compromised of the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes, also bands of Half-elfs, Half-Orcs, Orcs, Drow and Tengu.
The war lasted over hundreds of years, though in the end the proud foot soldiers of the dragons, the Dragonborn, fought to the last breath. The Pantheon of the dragons wept, even though some of them feuded, for their great lost of an entire race. With this they receded into the abyss and let the Gods of the alliance care for the world, leaving what was left of dragonkind to the mercies of the alliance.

Though the defeat of the Dragon Empire did not bring peace for last, darkness began to spread across the land as Demons, Aberrations and the Undead wreaked terror. The Holy Orders of the nations responded as fast as they could, though the evil of the underworld had a firm grasp on certain factions whom embraced them for the power they offered.

Now Bahamut seeing the God’s of the Alliance struggle with the underworld brought himself from the Abyss and approached a group of Dragonslayers who questioned their purpose since the fall of the empire. He allied them with a young silver dragon whom believed that the humanoids and dragonkind could coexist again and push back the darkness into the underworld. With Bahamut’s divine power the warriors became the fabled Paladins, that amassed to a great army due to many believing that they had tamed the great dragons. Though in reality the Order of Bahamut was a community where both dragon and the people that joined lived in harmony.
And so Bahamut was accepted into the Pantheon of the Alliance.

Again peace only lasted for a few thousand years before Tiamat corrupted some of his forces, and work her persuasion on a few dark occults in the eastern continent. Though her plans of slaying the Alliance Gods and bringing the reign of the Dragon over the lands back, was short lived by a captain of the Paladins. That captain was a direct descendant of the slayers who formed the order of Bahamut, and the first emperor of our great empire… Emperor Mathayas.

It was quite impressive actually, after defeating the corrupted forces, he came forth before every nation and proclaimed that they could prosper without the Gods. Saying that he respected those who still worshipped the Gods, though he would stand before any who proclaimed war in their names.
After that he approached all the mages saying to get off their lazy asses and do a service to their peoples. The academies were built after this and being a mage became a trade; as there are some who make it easier to clean the streets, light the lamps at night, are blacksmiths, and pilot the seas and skies, and many other professions.

The dwarves embraced science and technology, due to their mistrust of magic. Though a few of them aligned with a band of human mages under Mathayas’ wing combined technology and magic together. With the unlikely alliance of a few dwarves with mages, Mathayas brought this before the nations creating the empire and finally a peace due to the trade of services of magic and technology.
Though the divine presence of the Gods dwindle due to less followers praying to them. This led to a small war as some believed plague and devastation would come with the disappearing presence of the Gods. This was quelled quickly, considered the shortest war in history as Mathayas’ heir kept the promise he had made to the nations. He also proved to the religious leaders that didn’t start the war, that technology could cure sickness and plague. With the example of the rebels and the proof of healing tech, the other Orders resided quietly within their temples, only venturing out on healing missions that only few sort them for. Thus the divine powers of the holy classes became rare.


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